Friday, November 16, 2012

In between

Hi all,

We're busy getting ready for the next round of surveys for our large scale project but in the meantime, here's what I've been up to, filling the gaps  in free time.

I've been horseback riding, bare back which is not at all comfortable. You got to use the ears to steer the horse!

My sheep that I owned got sick and died before Tabaski so that whole thing became quite a dud. Our family still ended up buying another sheep so I used the skin to make a welcome carpet in my hut. Here's some kids stretching it out to dry. Senegalese village tanning techniques are extremely rudimentary and do not make for good leather. My sheepskin is all hard like cardboard. Still a nice addition to my hut.

I've been helping out drill a few holes with USAID to check on water table and later install new hand pumps.

I painted a mural at my village school. Here's a map of Senegal. I also did an alphabet for the 1st grade classroom.

I'm preparing the coming of a journalist for IRIN about our work in the gold mines.

Ok seeyall later!

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  1. That horse seems short! Do your feet touch the ground?